WIN 2-2021: Editorial

This issue is entirely dedicated to venous pathology, and we propose it for the interest of themes and authors. Always being present, the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic that, we must remember, still hangs over most of the economically weaker world. The success of vaccination in fact breaks down on the number of vaccinated, high in rich countries, low or non-existent in poor countries.

However, even the vaccine presents, although rarely, a venous thrombotic risk in atypical sites.
We thought it was appropriate to ask Paolo Zamboni, vascular surgeon at the University of Ferrara and important researcher, a focus on SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and vascular damages, particularly on the VITT (vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia), independently reported with the main clinical and laboratory findings of VITT patients from Germany, Austria, Norway and UK (by Marie Scully et al., Greinacher et al. and Schultz et al.), all published in NEJM.

The other original articles deal with classical topics of CVD and DVT, from pathophysiology to investigation, to therapy of both common symptomatic CVD and thrombotic risk in the early stage of Covid-19, with signatures of A. Nicolaides, E. Aldrett Lee, A. Mansilha, A. Gonzalez Ochoa.

Finally, in the Culture Section, we present a preprint excerpt from a vast work on the history of medicine being edited by MediAbout, read through the relevant role that blood vessels and lymphatics have always played. We will not return on this occasion to the micro and macrovascular aggression by Covid-19, but rather to the manifestation of medical genius in finding winning solutions, such as the early discovery of the anti-Covid vaccine (Sahin and Türeci) and of the virus as a pathogenic principle (Jenner). With some highlights of protagonists who have often remained misunderstood (Wortley Montagu, Timoni, Pilarino, Jesty).

Giovanni B. Agus