Permanent Academy 2024

Event Type: Congresso ECM

Date: 16 March 2024

Credits: 7

Training hours: 7

Event location: Bologna

Event Details

Cardiometabolic diseases yet represent one of the main causes of death, loss of years in good health and costs for the national health system. The optimal use of established therapies would in itself allow to effectively prevent most of these pathologies. However, there is still a part of patients who are partially resistant to or not sufficiently controlled by standard therapies. In recent years, we have witnessed an epochal turning point in the estimation of cardiovascular risk (with the recognition of numerous new risk factors), but above all in the preventive and therapeutic approach. In fact, the armamentarium for the treatment of severe family dyslipidemias, to reach extreme lipid targets, for the pharmacological management of diabetes, obesity and heart failure has been enriched with innovative molecules with completely different mechanisms of action from conventional ones. An evidence-based optimization of the use of conventional therapies associated, when necessary, with latest generation treatments requires updating, training and new energy, especially in the context of the recent and imminent structural and organizational upheaval of the national health system. The second edition of this advanced course will include the intervention of young teachers who are well-known on a national and international scale, and experiences in the field brought by young colleaques active in every day clinical practice.


Accredited Category: Medical Doctor; Disciplines: Angiology; Cardiology; Endocrinology; Geriatrics; Metabolic Metabolic Diseases and Diabetology; Internal Medicine; General Medicine (Family Medicine); Food Science and Dietetics.